Book Bike

In June 2015, Alberta’s first Book Bike joined the Camrose Public Library family! Since then, summer days have the bike adventuring all around town. Piloted primarily by the Library’s Summer Staff, the Book Bike pops up at various community events, along with just spending days at the park.

The goal of the Book Bike is to promote literacy throughout the summer, providing a library service to those who cannot make it to the library building.  The Bike inspires curiosity, and makes reading and signing out library books an adventure!

Want to know more? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions: 

What kind of services does the bike provide?

The Book Bike may be small, but it packs in a whole lot of services! The Bike travels with Wi-Fi, Library Cards, Library Materials (Books!), Programs, and Information about the Camrose Public Library.

Do I need to get a library card before visiting the Book Bike?

Nope! You can get one right at the Book Bike! Just find the Bike somewhere around the city and the Book Bike staff will sign you up for FREE!    

Can I return my library books to the Book Bike?

For sure! Anything you can do at the library, you can do at the Book Bike!

Can I request books to the Book Bike?

Yes! If you would like to request a book for the Book Bike, email so that they can remember to pack it when they are setting up the bike for the day! They will only be delivered to the pre-scheduled locations. Check out our Book Bike map here!

How do I find out where the Book Bike is going to be?

Find us on Facebook and Instagram @camrosebookbike, or check out our summer schedule:


Book Bike Schedule

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